Jump Start Your Car From Your Pocket


New Lithium-Polymer battery technology means you can now carry a device capable of jump starting your car in your pocket. This technology is now available under the ENERGIZER┬« brand, famous for developing the first consumer battery back in 1896. Weighing less than 300g, the ENERGIZER┬« Lithium-Polymer Jump Starter is so portable that you can carry it in your pocket, handbag or store it in y.. Read more »

Beanstalk Expands Energizer in Europe


Energizer Holdings has tapped automotive accessories manufacturer Custom Accessories Europe for a new line of automobile power products, in a new deal brokered by Beanstalk. Among the products that will be included in CAE’s new line are cables, chargers and extension sockets, as well as automotive power packs such as jump starters, inverters and compressors. The range will be targete.. Read more »